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How to play guitar

Learn how to play guitar online with my absolutely free guitar lessons, apps, images, graphics and virtual tools! Whether you are a beginner, experienced guitarist or a guitar teacher, I have tons of cool free guitar resources to share with you.

My resources include some of the largest free guitar chord books on the web as well as tons of customizable guitar scale charts and generators. I also write tons of lessons with animated GIFs, guitar TABs and apps to help you or your students learn the music theory needed to play guitar like a pro.

New to guitar? Start with my beginner guitar lessons.

New articles and lessons every month so follow along now!

Latest free guitar lessons

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Bass Guitar Tab Paper

bass guitar tab paper

Printable Bass Guitar TAB paper. Free to save, edit or print. Print as many blank sheets as you like.

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Blank Guitar Tab Sheet Music Paper

blank guitar tab sheet music paper
Blank sheet music paper combined treble clef and guitar TAB staves.
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Piano Chords

piano chords

An interactive piano chord dictionary.

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How To Read Music A Beginners Guide

how to read music a beginners guide

The fundamentals of reading music notation.

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Minuet In G For Guitar

minuet in g for guitar

The Minuet in G transcribed for guitar with free sheet music and TAB.

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Harmonic Major Scales

harmonic major scales

Learn the Harmonic Major scale for guitar and create custom neck charts.

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Major Scales For Piano

major scales for piano

Piano scale diagrams for Major scales.

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April 2016 Update

april 2016 update

A Tale of websynths and oily fingers.

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Prometheus Scale

prometheus scale

Learn the Prometheus scale in all keys with this fretboard scale generator.

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Piano To Guitar String Notes

piano to guitar string notes

Use this color coded info graphic to translate piano notes to guitar.

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