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Minuet In G For Guitar

Long thought to be written by J. S. Bach, the Minuet in G was actually written by a guy named Christian Petzold. The piece was part of a collection of music Bach gave to his wife Anna Magdalena Bach in 1725. I have arranged the Minuet in G for guitar and provide the free sheet music as well as the guitar TAB.

About the arrangement

This arrangement is a great study for playing finger style guitar with your right hand. The music takes the form of AABB. It is in the key of G Major with some parts that seem to dance around the key of D Major. There are 32 bars. Bars 1-16 are played then repeated then bars 17-32 are played then repeated. While learning, it might be easier for you skip the repeats and just play straight through all 32 bars. The bass notes are played with your thumb while the melody is played with your other fingers in a way that you find is most comfortable to you.

Download the Minuet in G PDF

This score is available as a free PDF file. You can download by clicking this link Minuet In G PDF. you can also right click and save as on the image below.

C Petzold not Bach minuet in G

More free sheet music to come

I hope you enjoy learning the Minuet in G as much as I have enjoyed transcribing it. I plan on transcribing many more popular tunes. If you have any requests feel free to contact me.

minuet in g for guitar

Posted June 9, 2016, 9:56 am in: Guitar tabs


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