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Guitar Lessons

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how to play and memorize major and minor guitar scales

This lesson teaches you how to play and memorize Major and minor guitar scales over the entire guitar neck. The bulk of today's lesson is delivered through a cool animation that shows you what fingers to use as well as the best pick motions to play the scales.

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modes of the major scale for guitar

Learn all about the modes of the Major scale in this lesson that includes a nice guitar fretboard animation you can download and save for later.

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the ultimate guide to triad inversions for guitar

An interesting lesson featuring an animated GIF to help you understand chord inversions using the triads of a Major scale.

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chord construction part 3 7th chords and beyond

Get ready to expand your chord construction knowledge in this 3rd and final article in my series of guitar chord building lessons. Here you will learn all about the types of chords that are a staple in Blues and Jazz guitar.

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learn how to play pentatonic scales for guitar

The Pentatonic scales are the staple of modern rock, blues and metal. This lesson will teach you how to play and memorize them all over the guitar neck using animated graphics and a cool guitar hack.

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learn how to play and memorize harmonic minor scales for guitar

The Harmonic minor scale can add some exotic flavor to your guitar licks and solos. It's frequently used by guitar greats such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore and Jeff Loomis. In this lesson I will show you how you can easily learn to play it so you can add it to your guitar scale arsenal.

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learn how to play the blues scale on guitar

Learn how to play the blues scale for guitar with animated GIF and TAB that shows fingering and picking.

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how to play melodic minor guitar scales

In this week's lesson on guitar scales, you will learn how to play the Melodic minor scale using animations and guitar TAB.

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easy guitar songs with 4 chords

A huge list of easy guitar songs that use just 4 chords.

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song structure basics

A short lesson on basic song structure for those of you who want to start writing your own songs.