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Beginner Guitar Lessons

Welcome to my online beginner guitar lessons. This section is where I put lessons geared towards beginners. So begin here if you are just starting to learn how to play the guitar. Topics include some of the fundamentals of chords and scales and how to hold and tune your guitar.

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guitar parts

In this lesson you learn the names of the parts of the guitar.

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how to play guitar fast

In this article I talk about how to learn how to play guitar fast!

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how to learn the notes of the guitar fretboard and 6 reasons why you should

In this guitar lesson you will learn the importance of memorizing the notes on the guitar fretboard and exactly just how to do it for total recall.

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tips on how to hold the guitar and guitar pick for new guitarists

In this article I give some helpful tips for beginning guitarists on how to hold the guitar and the guitar pick.

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how to tune a guitar

Learn how to tune a guitar using various methods.

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how to play guitar chords for beginners

This lessons gets you started learning the basics of playing guitar chords!

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how to play guitar scales for absolute beginners

In this lesson you learn what scales are and why they are used. You will also learn the basics of building and playing scales for guitar.

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learning intervals for guitar

Want to learn how to play guitar chords and scales? Then you will want to learn all you can about the mysterious interval. This lesson contains everything you ever wanted to know about intervals.

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chord construction part 1 learn how to build guitar chords

This lesson is the first in a three part series that teaches you all about building chords. Complete with guitar chord chart examples, you will learn how to construct Major, minor and diminished chords that naturally occur on scales degrees.

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how to read guitar tab

Learn how to read guitar TABs in this lesson that features blank printable TAB paper for you to practice with. This lesson is also available as a PDF eBook.