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Pentatonic Scales For Piano

Pentatonic scales for piano

The Pentatonics are fun 5 note scales that are essential to blues and country music. My interactive Pentatonic scales chart for piano shows fingering diagrams for both Pentatonic Major and Pentatonic minor scales. Just select a key below to view a scale. For more background on these scales see learning Pentatonic scales for guitar and piano scale fingering as well as my piano scale category.


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to choose from many different scales in any key.

Download as PDF

You can download these piano Pentatonic scale diagrams as a PDF ebook.
Download HERE:

PDF icon Pentatonic Scales for Piano


Pentatonic Major key index

C | G | D | A | E | B | F | Bb | Eb | Ab | Db | Gb

Pentatonic Minor key index

A | E | B | F# | C# | G# | D | G | C | F | Bb | Eb

Pentatonic Major keys


C Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: C D E G A C

C Pentatonic Major scale for piano


G Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: G A B D E G

G Pentatonic Major scale


D Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: D E F# A B D

D Pentatonic Major scale chart for piano


A Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: A B C# E F# A

A Pentatonic Major piano scale diagram


E Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: E F# G# B C# E

E Pentatonic Major piano scale


B Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: B C# D# F# G# B

B Pentatonic Major piano scale


F Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: F G A C D F

F Pentatonic Major piano scale


Bb Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: Bb C D F G Bb

B flat Pentatonic Major piano scale


Eb Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: Eb F G Bb C Eb

E flat Pentatonic Major piano scale chart


Ab Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: Ab Bb C Eb F Ab

Ab Pentatonic Major piano scale chart


Db Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: Db Eb F Ab Bb Db

Db Pentatonic Major piano scale


Gb Pentatonic Major Scale

Notes: Gb Ab Bb Db Eb Gb

Gb Pentatonic Major piano scale

Pentatonic Minor keys


A Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: A C D E G A

A Pentatonic Minor scale for piano


E Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: E G A B D E

E Pentatonic Minor scale for piano


B Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: B D E F# A B

B Pentatonic Minor piano scale diagram


F# Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: F# A B C# E F#

F# Pentatonic Minor piano scale chart


C# Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: C# E F# G# B C#

C# Pentatonic Minor piano scale


G# Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: G# B C# D# F# G#

G# Pentatonic Minor piano scale


D Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: D F G A C D

D Pentatonic Minor piano scale


G Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: G Bb C D F G

G Pentatonic Minor piano scale


C Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: C Eb F G Bb C

C Pentatonic Minor piano scale diagram


F Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: F Ab Bb C Eb F

F Pentatonic Minor piano scale


Bb Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: Bb Db Eb F Ab Bb

Bb Pentatonic Minor piano scale


Eb Pentatonic minor Scale

Notes: Eb Gb Ab Bb Db Eb

Eb Pentatonic Minor piano scale

pentatonic scales for piano

Posted October 25, 2016, 11:41 am in: Piano scales


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