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A Chord On Guitar In All Positions

A chord guitar picture

For those of you who may have struggled with learning to play an A chord on guitar, this lesson is for you. You might be having trouble with a certain shape so here I present to you the chord chart diagrams for A Major chords in all positions up to the 12th fret. Notice that some of the shapes are just variations of the same shape. You should choose a shape that is easy for you to play and gradually work your way up to being able to play the others that you may have problems with. I left off fingering because I believe you should find the best fingering that works for you.

All of these shapes are also, movable which means you can move them to new frets and they become new chords with new note names. The root note of the chord is in red. So when moving a shape, the new note name is the one that is in root position. Example: Slide the A chord at the 5th fret to the 7th fret and it becomes a B chord.

You can learn more about how to read these chord charts in this lesson.

A barre chord 5th fret A chord 5th fret variation 1 A chord 5th fret variation 2Open A chordOpen A chord variationx-5-4-2-2-x-x-a-major.jpgA chord 5th fret triad variationA chord 5th fret Barre chordA 5th fret Barre chord variation 1A 5th fret Barre chord variation 2A 12th fret 5th string Barre chord variation 1x-x-12-11-9-10-x-a-major.jpgA 12th fret 5th string Barre chord variation 2 A 12th fret 5th string 3rd finger Barre chord variation 1A 12th fret 5th string 3rd finger Barre chord variation 2A 7th fret 4th string chordA chord=A triad chord variationA triad open position

A chords past the 12th fret

I only show the a chords up to the 12th fret because after that they just repeat. You can easily add the number 12 to the fret numbers above to figure out what frets these chords are repeated on.

a chord on guitar in all positions

Posted January 27, 2016, 9:21 am in: Chords


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