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Melodic Minor Scales

Melodic minor scales

The Melodic minor scale is derived from the raising the 6th and 7th degrees of the Natural minor or the 6th degree of the Harmonic minor scale. It's a popular scale among Classical and Jazz guitarists but you can use it in any style of music. Use this Melodic minor scale generator to create charts in any key with custom tunings.

Melodic minor charts

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Melodic minor scales in all keys

A | E | B | F# | C# | G# | D | G | C | F | Bb | Eb

Melodic minor modes

Each degree of the Melodic minor scale can be thought of as one of 7 unique modes in the same way a as the modes of the Major scale. The easiest method of naming them uses the Major scale mode names along with the sharped note degrees from Melodic minor as shown below:

Mode 1 Aeolian #6 #7
Mode 2 Locrian #5 #6
Mode 3 Ionian #4 #5
Mode 4 Dorian #3 #4
Mode 5 Phrygian #2 #3
Mode 6 Lydian #1 #2
Mode 7 Mixolydian #7 #1

How to memorize the melodic minor scale

There are 5 patterns to learn (listed below) that are essential to memorizing the Melodic minor scale all over the guitar neck. See also how to play the Melodic minor scale lesson for more information.

F# Melodic minor scale Box 1

Click the links below to toggle between each pattern.

Box pattern 1 | Box pattern 2 | Box pattern 3 | Box pattern 4 | Box pattern 5

Melodic minor PDF

Click the link below to download a PDF of all fretboard charts for all the Melodic minor keys in standard tuning.

Guitar scales download

melodic minor scales

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