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Major And Minor Guitar Scales And Modes

Major and minor guitar scales generator

This guitar scales fretboard chart generator will show you all the Major and minor guitar scales and modes with tons of customizable tunings. Just select your string tuning (standard tuning is default), click the link that says "Go" then click a key link. Also included at the bottom of the app are the 5 scale patterns for memorizing these scales and a PDF download of all keys in standard tuning. Read more about my apps for other guitar scales. See my Free Guitar Chords and Scales app to learn what chords go with these scales.

Scale Generator

Switch to:
7 string guitar mode
6 string guitar
Bass - Bass guitar and other 4 string instruments mode.
Ukulele - Ukulele tuning

Change tuning - Current tuning: E-A-D-g-b-e
Standard | Drop D | Drop B
Tune by string:
6 5 4 3 2 1 go
*** Change a string then press "go" then choose scale to view

Turn off pattern box Turn on moveable pattern box

isolatorguitar fretboard - try another tuning
flip - L R

Major and minor scales in all keys

Major keys

Click a key to view.
C | G | D | A | E | B | F | Bb | Eb | Ab | Db | Gb

Minor keys

A | E | B | F# | C# | G# | D | G | C | F | Bb | Eb

Modes by key

C Major modes - C Ionian D Dorian E Phrygian
F Lydian G Mixolydian A Aeolian B Locrian

G Major modes - G Ionian A Dorian B Phrygian
C Lydian D Mixolydian E Aeolian F# Locrian of G Major

D Major modes - D Ionian E Dorian F# Phrygian
G Lydian A Mixolydian B Aeolian C# Locrian

A Major modes - A Ionian B Dorian C# Phrygian
D Lydian E Mixolydian F# Aeolian G# Locrian

E Major modes - E Ionian F# Dorian G# Phrygian
A Lydian B Mixolydian C# Aeolian D# Locrian

B Major modes - B Ionian C# Dorian D# Phrygian
E Lydian F# Mixolydian G# Aeolian A# Locrian

F Major modes - F Ionian G Dorian A Phrygian
Bb Lydian C Mixolydian D Aeolian E Locrian

Bb Major modes - Bb Ionian C Dorian D Phrygian
Eb Lydian F Mixolydian G Aeolian A Locrian

Eb Major modes - Eb Ionian F Dorian G Phrygian
Ab Lydian Bb Mixolydian C Aeolian D Locrian

Ab Major modes - Ab Ionian Bb Dorian C Phrygian
Db Lydian Eb Mixolydian F Aeolian G Locrian

Db Major modes - Db Ionian Eb Dorian F Phrygian
Gb Lydian Ab Mixolydian Bb Aeolian C Locrian

Gb Major modes - Gb Ionian Ab Dorian Bb Phrygian
Cb Lydian Db Mixolydian Eb Aeolian F Locrian

Learn to play the scales

Learning to memorize the Major scale over the entire fretboard is pretty easy. You just have to learn 5 moveable patterns. Below are the 5 patterns you must learn. If you are new to learning scales, see this article I wrote for some help.

A Major scale pattern 1

Click the links below to toggle between patterns.

Box pattern 1 | Box pattern 2 | Box pattern 3 | Box pattern 4 |
Box pattern 5

Download PDF

Click the download image below to download a PDF of all fretboard charts for Major and minor keys in standard tuning.

Guitar scales download


I hope you have enjoyed this app as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I have many more scale generator apps in the works so be sure to subscribe below to get notified when I publish them. Have fun with your guitar scales!

major and minor guitar scales and modes

Posted December 18, 2015, 2:49 pm in: Scales


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