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Blues Scales

Blues scale diagrams and charts

The Blues scales are a fun group of scales used in Blues and other types of music. They are based off of the Pentatonic minor scale but with an added flattened 4th scale degree. This added flattened note is commonly referred to as the "blue note" and is responsible for the scale's unique sound. The scale generator below will help you create Blues scale charts / diagrams in many different tunings. I have also included a PDF download of Blues scales in all keys in standard tuning.

Blues scale charts

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To view the custom Blues scale charts, ensure you have enabled JavaScript in your web browser. Then select a tuning (default is standard tuning) and click the link of one of the keys.

Change tuning - Current tuning: B-A-D-g-b-e
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*** Change a string then press "go" then choose scale to view

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Blues scale keys

A | E | B | F# | C# | G# | D | G | C | F | Bb | Eb

Learn the Blues scale using 5 box patterns

Just like with all the other scales, you can use the 5 box pattern memorization method to learn the Blues scales all over the entire guitar neck.

Use the Slideshow below to toggle through the 5 box patterns in the key of C# minor Blues in standard tuning. See also how to play the Blues scales.

C# minor Blues scale pattern 1

Box pattern 1 | Box pattern 2 | Box pattern 3 | Box pattern 4 | Box pattern 5

Blues scales PDF download

A PDF download of all the Blues scales in standard tuning for all keys is available by clicking the download link below.

Guitar Blues scales PDF download

blues scales

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