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Harmonic Major Scales

Harmonic Major scales

The Harmonic Major scale is an interesting scale often used in Jazz music. It is a real treat to learn and fun to experiment with. Learning it might even help you bust out of a creative rut.

The Harmonic Major scale can be thought of as a Harmonic minor scale with a raised 3rd or a Major scale with a flattened 6th degree.

The Harmonic Major scale generator

The app below allows you to create scale charts of Harmonic Major scales in all keys in the tuning of your choice. JavaScript enabled in your browser is required for the app to function properly.

Select a tuning (default is standard tuning) then select a key.

Switch to:
7 string guitar
6 string guitar
Bass Guitar

Change tuning - Current tuning: B-E-A-D-g-b-e Standard
Tune by string:
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 go
*** Change a string then press "go" then choose scale to view

Turn off pattern box Turn on moveable pattern box

isolatorSelect guitar neck tuning to see Harmonic Major scales
flip - L R

Harmonic Major keys

A | E | B | F# | C# | G# | D | G | C | F | Bb | Eb

harmonic major scales

Posted June 8, 2016, 12:21 pm in: Scales


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