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Guitar Chords

Ultimate guitar chord book

guitar chord book

If you are looking for a free guitar chord book to reference, then look no further. Here you will find a free eBook download in PDF format with over 10,000 guitar chord charts. See also the Ultimate Guitar Chords and Scales App

How many chords are there?

It's theoretically impossible to list all guitar chords. 10,000 is still a lot of chords! What I did is try to list the chord charts for the most common chord types and their shapes for each of the music notes in alphabetical order (including enharmonic notes). I only list chords that are playable within a span of 4 frets. I also only went up to the guitar's 12th fret too so this book doesn't include the second half of the guitar's fretboard (which is the same as the first half anyway). That's still quite a lot of chords to display on a single page so I made it available as a downloadable PDF file.

Download the Guitar Chords PDF

Again, there are over 10,0000 guitar chords listed which makes the file size over 50MB! There are chord charts for all notes of the guitar. All of the most common chord types are included. For best viewing, set your PDF reader to %100 zoom.

guitar chords chart PDF download

The PDF file above is hosted on Google Drive. If you have trouble downloading the file use the alternate download link at the very bottom of this article.

List of guitar chords

The list below is all the chord types used for the charts in the PDF. Slash chords like E/C, were purposely left out.

Basic chord types

Suspended 2
Suspended 4
Major Flat 5
Minor Sharp 5
Minor Double Flat 5
Suspended 4 Sharp 5
Suspended 2 Flat 5
Suspended 2 Sharp 5
Major Add 9
Suspended 2 Suspended 4

6 Chords

Minor 6
6 Flat 5
6 Add 9
Minor 6 Add 9

7th Chords

Minor 7
Major 7
Minor Major 7
Diminished 7
Augmented 7
Augmented Major 7
7 Flat 5
Major 7 Flat 5
Minor 7 Flat 5
Minor Major 7 Flat 5
Minor Major 7 Double Flat 5
Minor 7 Sharp 5
Minor Major 7 Sharp 5
7 Flat 9

9 Chords

Major 9
Minor 9
Minor Major 9
9 Flat 5
Augmented 9
9 Suspended 4
7 Sharp 9
7 Sharp 9 Flat 5
Augmented Major 9

11 chords

Minor 11
Major 11
Minor Major 11
Major Sharp 11
Augmented 11

13 chords

Minor 13
Major 13
Minor Major 13

7 suspended chords

7 Suspended 2
Major 7 Suspended 2
7 Suspended 4
Major 7 Suspended 4
7 Suspended 2 Sharp 5
7 Suspended 4 Sharp 5
Major 7 Suspended 4 Sharp 5
7 Suspended 2 Suspended 4
Major 7 Suspended 2 Suspended 4

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Alternate Guitar Chords PDF download link

Please only use this download link If you are having trouble downloading the PDF from link further up.

More free guitar chord charts to come!

I am working on putting together more guitar chord charts that show chords sorted by key. If you would like to know when those will be available be sure to subscribe below.

guitar chords

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