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August 2015 Monthly Update More Guitar Goodies

Hello guitarists! This is the first monthly update I have ever put out and it is all in an effort to keep you updated about the cool guitar stuff coming your way.


Animating and writing guitar lessons takes me a quite a bit of time so this newsletter is a way for me to let you know I'm not dead. It's also a way to help keep you interested in guitar. I know how it can sometimes feel like you are spinning your wheels. So hopefully newsletters like this will help you by giving you something to look forward to.

What I am working on

I have some cool new animations and lessons I am working on as well as working on part 2 of the chord series. In case you missed it, Part 1 - How to build chords is published here.

Let's work together on Google+

google plus guitar lessons

I have started a New Google Plus Guitar Lessons community as a way for all of us to communicate better.

You can ask me questions in the general discussion section, post your own lessons or ask for lesson requests etc.

Like I said it's brand new and I am the only one there at the moment so come on in and let's make it grow together!

What the near future holds

More animations, videos lessons and gear reviews. Have a request? Just contact me and tell me what it is.

Guitar tip of the day

You can never be good playing fast if you can't play it good slow. When learning something new, play it slow first and get good at it. Also known as Step Dad speed :)

Your lessons on

If you are interested in publishing your written or video guitar lessons on then let's talk about it, Contact me!

Until the next lesson....

The next Lesson is due out next week (September) so until then, keep on practicing! If you haven't already subscribed for my email updates, you can do that below. See you soon!

august 2015 monthly update more guitar goodies

Posted August 25, 2015, 11:47 pm in: Newsletter Related tags: updates


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