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All Guitar Chords In Open Position

Have you ever wanted to know all the guitar chords you could possibly play in the open position? Well now you can! I made this handy reference you can download and use to learn all guitar chords in the first few frets of the guitar.

What are Open chords?

Open chords, also known as cowboy chords or campfire chords, are chords that use at least one open string and are played in the first few frets of the guitar.

HUGE FREE list of 1200+ open chords!

There happens to be approximately 1200 open chords as far as I can tell. The list is so big that I had to put them in a free PDF download. You can find the PDF here or click the PDF download link below.

(Right click then save as)


What's in the PDF?

Below is a small sampling of the chords you can find in the PDF.

* Note: In the PDF, don't get confused when you see a note like CX where a D should be. CX means C## (double sharp). CX is the same as D. This happens in A# chords.

all guitar chords in open position

Want more guitar chords?

I put together another PDF with over 10,000 guitar chords HERE: Here are some free chord charts too. Also, Be sure to subscribe below if you want to be notified when I release more chord books.

all guitar chords in open position

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