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The Star Spangled Banner Guitar Tab

The star spangled banner with jimi hendrix

What do guitarists like the GuitarSix Guitar bot (below), Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kirk Hammett, Zakk Wylde, Slash and many guitar heroes have in common? They all can play the Star Spangled Banner! Also known as the the United States' National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner is often sung or played before sporting events like baseball games and football Superbowls.

Star Spangled Banner Guitar Tab

Below is the guitar TAB for the Star Spangled Banner's main melody line in the key of Bb Major. Learn it and try putting your own spin and embellishments on it just like Hendrix did. When the 4th of July comes this year, crank up your electric guitar amp and let your neighbors hear your patriotism! Need help reading this? Learn how to read guitar TAB.

The star spangled banner guitar tab

The Guitar Robot plays the national anthem

Listen to the guitar robot play the national anthem in this video below. Press the full screen button to get a better view.

Download or play audio

You can play or download the audio files for the Star Spangled Banner in MP3 or OGG format below. Right click a download link then "Save as" or "file - save as".

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Give yourself brownie points if you know what is wrong with Jimi in the top flag picture!

the star spangled banner guitar tab

Posted October 29, 2015, 10:38 am in: Guitar tabs Related tags: songs


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