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Guitar Chords And Scales

ultimate guitar chords and scales app

The Ultimate Guitar Chords and Scales Generator.

guitar pick

Welcome to the ultimate guitar chords and scales app! This all in one guitar chord and scale generator has many features. A few of which are:
- See what chords belong to a scale.
- Create custom scale charts / diagrams in many different tunings.
- Hear how each guitar chord sounds.
- Shows you many different variations / shapes of the same chord.
- Reverse scales - find scales a chord is in.
- Save any current view by copying the link under the options.
- Download any image view with full 24 fret neck. The generated images appear to have only 21 frets but that is not the case! It's just hidden in order to fit the page better. (Who needs to see up to the 24th fret anyway?) Don't worry, when you view image source or download the diagrams you get the full 24 frets!
......and more!

For best results, please make sure you enable JavaScript in your browser. If possible please use a browser from a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices users may have some issues using the app because there are so many small element in such a small area. Try my other scale resources if you need something more mobile friendly or in PDF format.

stringed instruments

4, 6 and 7 string instruments

You can use this app to make scale diagrams for 4, 6 and 7 string guitars, basses and other instruments.

Try some of these tunings:

Bass guitar tunings

6 string Bass guitar
4 string Bass guitar

Ukulele tuning

Standard Ukulele tuning

Mandolin tuning

Standard Mandolin tuning

4 string Banjo tuning

4 string Banjo in C

Seven String Guitar

Standard 7 string guitar tuning

Violin and Cello


Alternate guitar tuning examples

Here are some examples of how you can display scales in alternate tunings.
Drop B
Drop C
Drop D
Celtic or DADGAD

About left handed people

left handed guitar

I must apologize to you left handed people out there. The best I can do for you left handed guitar players right now is give you the option to flip the diagrams (Click the L). I know this is not optimal because doing so makes the letters on the image backwards. However, the dots are still correct. When downloading an image to save or print, the downloaded picture will be right handed. You will either have to take a screenshot of the current flipped view then crop it or flip the downloaded image yourself in some image editing software. If you don't know how to do this just contact me and I will do it for you.

The reason for not providing actual lefty images has to do with storage/cost....This web app actually stores thousands (over 100,000!) of images of guitar fretboards. Unlike similar apps out there on the net, you can save these images. So, it's just not cost effective for me to store double the amount of images to accommodate both lefties and righties. After all, lefties supposedly only make up approximately 10 percent of the entire population. So there are probably even less left handed guitarists. Which means the majority wins. The good news is I think the extra brain work will help you to improve. Again, I do apologize.

The chord dictionary

There are thousands of different chord shapes in the chord dictionary. Again, storage cost was the main reason for only allowing chords for 6 string guitar in standard tuning. The current amount of space is already huge so I'm sure you can imagine the nightmare it would be to store pictures of thousands of chords for so many different custom tunings. Also notice that there are no slash chords in the dictionary since those are so easy to make yourself and the possibilities for those are endless too. Be sure to check out my many other resources for guitar chords too.


I hope you enjoy and get the most out of this tool. I really do hope it helps you with learning to play guitar. I am always open to suggestions as to how to improve it so please contact me with your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.

guitar chords and scales

Posted February 3, 2016, 6:55 pm in: Chords


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